Of course you want to make your E-Book as interesting as possible, but that’s a lot easier said than done. There are so many guides and “How To’s” out there that no wonder you feel lost and confused, and also most likely do not have a clue where to begin with your E-Book journey!

Well that’s why I’m going to sum the process up as easy as possible, in 7 steps.



Choosing a topic

When it comes to choosing the topic on what you want to write a book about, don’t simply choose something that you think will sell well. You must be passionate about it.

This is necessary, as it will show on the pages as you write them, and absolutely your readers will be able to pick up on it. And do you want them to be left bored after reading your E-book? Or with the feeling that they want more of your work. Hmmmmm, yes, that is a tricky one, or maybe not.


No fluff all meat

Even though we have spoken about how it is necessary for you to write about something you love and what is very near and dear to your heart, that doesn’t mean write every thought that comes into your mind.

What we mean by this is keep it all meat, no fluff. Your writers will know if you are just rambling on, or simply trying to fill up the pages of unnecessary content.

This actually isn’t that difficult to do. However you must be super organized. Perhaps complete an entire outline before you begin writing, or if that would overwhelm you too much, just write down a few important lines of what each chapter in your e-book will include.


Don’t get paralysed by analysis

Isn’t it crazy how nerve wrecking it can be just the thought of writing a book? Before we even get our fingers on to the keyboard, we perhaps may need some antiperspirant we are sweating that bad.

However can avoid this is not to over think the process. For example when you are writing the first chapter, simply focus on that, and so on with the following chapters.

I mean there really is no need to be thinking about distribution on Amazon or how much the competition of your genre has priced their books when you are just outlining the characters. All of this will just distract you, and most of all put unnecessary pressure on you, which may cause you paralysis from fear, and create the all time demon for writers, procrastination, so don’t let it happen. Stay in the now.


Make sure the title speaks of results and/or benefits

Now that we have gotten through the most important factors regarding yourself when it comes to writing an e-book, lets move on to your audience and what can attract them to your remarkable book.


Of course there must be a title that makes them feel intrigued. That makes them want to click on the “buy now” button on Amazon. It is best to go with a title that is quite descriptive, but obviously not too long as they will most likely not bother to read it.


So make sure you sum up what your book is about, put in the end results of what you hope your readers to think about or learn after they have read it. Remember at this stage it’s all about hooking them in because once you have your content will do the rest.



Have someone write it for you

Yes, if you are in the eBook business simply to make money and are not that all of a good writer, then there is only one thing for you to do, and that’s go find a writer who actually can produce amazing work.

There are plenty options for you to find the perfect author, however make sure you do your research, in fact we already have done some for you. Click here.



How to price that book

Now lets get down to what we all secretly love, the money. No one wants to write a book and not make money, and that is not just because they only seen green, but because if they aren’t making money then it also means no one is reading the book.

Therefore it must be appropriately priced so your readers don’t do a runner at its first site, and so that you aren’t ripping yourself off in the process.

So lets have a look at this. Is the book going to be a one off? Is it one of a series, with many more to come? Because if that is the case then, brace yourself, maybe you should give it away for free.

Why on earth would I do that? Well if it’s a great book people will obviously enjoy it, and then begin to trust you as an author, and come back for more. Which is exactly what you want, and then you can start charging money for your books.


However if you are not comfortable with this idea at all, then do some market research. Yes this will require you to go look at the other books in your genre who you will be appearing next to, and some what copy their price, perhaps even going a bit cheaper.


Keep on writing

Don’t stop after your first e-book. What you will find is that you will only but improve. Especially if that is what you seek out to do, with writing better and better content each time and every time, being objective about your work.

So keep going, and if you feel writing is your life’s purpose, then make sure you have a blast while doing so.


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